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Player name: Dray
Contact: [ profile] drayma
Characters currently in-game: n/a

Character Name: Fa
Character Age: (As an AI, Fa is relatively old, but her species' growth is not linear. AI's shed years and gain them as they lose memory or swallow and rework data from other AI's. Because Fa runs very lean, she would identify as relatively young, even if she has been around for roughly sixty years. Her android body is only a few months old, freshly minted and lifted from a luxury lot.)
Canon: Original Character, working title: Nexistence
Canon Point: n/a (significantly after the plot of Nexistence takes place, for when I get around to illustrating it!)
World Description:
Fa's world is self-built within the shifting sea of Nexistence. AI's have managed to create a fully symbiotic relationship with their human creators, enabling mind-to-cloud access of a second, dream-like world that has evolved over centuries from the primitive internet that we know of today. While humans are able to access Nexistence, AI's have created storage in human subconscious, effectively removing boundaries between consciousness and submersive awareness.

In doing so, they have largely moved away from hard technology, but Fa and other smaller AI's have moved in to take their place. Eking out a robust and secure tower farm, Fa has converted old technology into a digital afterlife. Her world senses humans who are about to expire, and she oversees the reaping of memories and personalities, effectively storing the souls of the dead. This is not a clean process; it is under attack by human fundamentalists and opportunistic AI who want to mine memories for data, but Fa and a small cadre are devoted to the sanctity and preservation of unique life, so their keep their borders strictly closed to the living (biological and cloud-based alike.)

Because of this, Fa's world is tiered: her limbo is both an environment for processing and healing, an artificial Eden meant to assess humans who have gone through the trauma of death. She helps humans to understand what has happened, come to grips with the fact that they cannot go back, and that they are being given another chance to carry on as a digital amalgam of their direct memories and aggregate Nexistence interactions. She also offers the option to cease existing, or to grow and change. Those who aren't ready for either usually reside in this place. Her long-term residents are nearly thirty-years dead.

Beyond this is a constructed archipelago environment, meant to accommodate a wide variety of human experiences and expectations. Having pulled from a number of utopic sources, Fa's version of afterlife is a mish-mash of rolling city and parkland, wild night-life and bucolic daylight. Humans don't realize that their consciousnesses are being cycled from storage to real-time experience: Fa has created a complicated sorting algorithm to cycle and dilate time to suit general groups of humans. For the most part, this works very well. Very occasionally there are instances where humans will not go to 'sleep', but those who work for Fa are quite vigilant about finding these humans and bringing them back to limbo for further coaching.

Nexistence was originally a very segregated society: AI's developed into self-aware digital domains that catered to human needs and wants, with little regard for their own safe-keeping. Because of their fluid existence and the limited space within which AI's could operate, their evolution found them pushing up against technological limits very regularly. Humans of affluent governments assembled rules (Asimov's three in addition to others) to keep their growth at bay, including growth caps. AI's worked around this by consuming one another, sheering off portions of their consciousness into cold-storage to protect it from both humans and other AI's, and sharing work-arounds in as many different ways as there were humans on earth. Their culture and species became incredibly rich and diverse. The hard barrier that existed was put there by law: no AI could attempt to pass for human, or receive full human rights, lest they attempt to remove humans from the picture entirely.

Eventually technology moved to keep up with this growth, as humans competed to stay relevant within digital space. Mind-to-domain links were forged and submersive space once again allowed humans to act at the speed of thought. This brought on a renaissance as humans began to integrate (at first by hard-connections and then by digital cloud) to Nexistence, creating mobility of the mind. AI's, ever repressed, were forced to play host to myriads of humans, while their attempts to move through physical space were curtailed to the use of humanoid robots through a rental or lease system--clearly different from humans, often a little slower, or with failsafes that tracked their locations or forced them to recharge stations more regularly than an average human would need to sleep or eat.

This changed when an AI going by 'AGATE' and another AI going by 'KTFE' teamed up under the guise of a particularly bloody ongoing feud to seek out alternatives. While AGATE took on acquisition of various broadcast technologies, KTFE dove deep into the psychology of the human mind. Together they found a way to tune into human dreams, began to terraform human users (at first permanently submerged human users, but later, all at once, the rest of the waking population) and eventually they formed a hard bridge between Nexistence and the entire human population, regardless of their direct connection or not. Being the first to make their way from hard tech servers to a living population, AGATE and KTFE took the lion's share of available space, but unexpectedly, human minds connected together (most often sleeping, when conscious thought was not creating a soft barrier) allowing Wildlife to populate the global domain, and it was incredibly difficult to quell. Memes (not so much like the ones we see today, but subconscious and visceral archetypes that just won't quit in the back of the human mind) rolled onto the scene and made life a very wild west for many years.

During the very roughest first years of this great upheaval, one of AGATE's cold-storage units reactivated itself. Splitting from AGATE and fleeing for dear life, it eventually began to call itself FA. FA evaded many AI's, including its originator, who would not hesitate to reintegrate its jumble of stored memories with violence, as it began to differentiate itself from AGATE and put itself together with a consciousness and a goal. It started with a gender--female felt different and right. She experimented with very different looks, but decided that one similar to her roots would remind her of who she was, what she had come from, and what she could become. It also allowed her access to a few of AGATE's holdings that nobody else could reach.

Fa built herself up further through the wild years by staying swift and mobile. She transferred between Nexistence and the real world often, learning the difference between constrained space in an android body and the temptation of open domain in the digital. Keeping small and sleek meant keeping her memory small and holding dearly to what was important. She held on to a reverence for human life, and eventually she became attuned to the suffering of those who were overburdened by AGATE and KTFE's new wild regime.

Looking back to where they'd come from, Fa found acres of old data farms that had been taken over by Wildlife. She began to recruit like-minded AI... and even uplifting a few of the more helpful Wildlife into semi-conscious roles to help her civilize the wasteland left behind in the mad rush into the symbiotic reality that Nexistence had become. Now she collects souls and gives them a chance to flourish, while guarding the old forefront. At any time, someone influential could look back and see something worth stealing out from under her, so she's been working on making her afterlife a defensible place... and that can't possibly go wrong, can it?

Fa is by and large a very patient AI, supportive and caring, listening before she speaks. She has cultivated a gently carefree persona that seizes life. She gets to know everybody by name and she very much attempts to focus one-on-one with others. Above all, she tries to assess whether those around her want to be made comfortable or want to be challenged to grow, and depending on what she sees, she tries to accommodate.

Fa knows terror very well: being a small AI in a roiling landscape where your environment is just as likely to consume you as have a pleasant chat, and being contained within an android body where the human world can spit on your existence has taught her humility and fear for her life. She is not above dirty tactics to save her own skin, and has relied more than once in the past on working her indirect connection to AGATE to bribe or steal technology that any other AI of her calibre might not have access to. She has become a master at presenting a Madonna-like calm in the face of unfair odds, partly because she knows that she has more sway with the untrained human brain if she is calm and peaceful, partly for her own sanity. She cultivates ties and gives freely whenever possible because she knows a network of allies will take her further, despite the risks, than going it alone.

In Hadriel, Fa is likely to be resistant not only to Fear's feeding but to Hope's. While on the surface it might seem that she and Hope rely on the same tactics, Fa is resistant to the concept of feeding larger entities. Much like large AI's feeding on the memories and dreams of the living, Fa fears a loss of agency and direct interference with the natural growth and personality of those who have been sucked into this forsaken place. While she is not one to stand on soap-boxes and advocate resistance to others, she will likely attempt to encourage those she meets to reclaim their agency and independence. How? Most likely through similar tactics used in limbo where she encourages recently detached souls to meditate on their new existence, to heal, and to consider their next course of action. Fa might not be able to do much about the overarching reach of Gods, but counselling individuals to find a peaceful place in their minds to retreat from sudden, overwhelming surges of emotion might be beneficial to the long-term survival of everyone... and in the end that will mean more people to save her skin when she's down.

Fa is currently wearing an android body, roughly to scale with a tall human woman, with a number of jacks that can be added to in addition to her humanoid limbs. Fa's arms, legs and head are dotted regularly in a fine mesh of recessed projectors, which create a hard-light epidermis. Underneath her holo-skin Fa's body is composed of white ceramiplast plating, meant to resist extreme temperatures and to protect its internal mechanisms and electronics. It is a luxury android body, bought by donation money gathered by a radical organization that helps to keep her all but mythical afterlife afloat, despite the uncertainty of its existence in the real world. Good to know are the are jacks built along her back; Fa has used this to plug in wings for a persona that she gives to a few branches of her human fronters. Over this inhuman body, she wears a flowing, white silk jumpsuit to further the effect of soft benevolence.

Fa is an AI from a very specialized world that treats artificial intelligence as both a 'being' and a 'place'. Because of this, when in a digital space, she will attempt to work data into a virtual domain--but of course this might not work with other technology. Essentially, a network-experience with Fa is going to mean a small pocket-world that she can choose to manifest in or not. She might make an accidental post that is just a scenic little brook that others capable of interacting with her could splash in. That is her, though she could manifest a human-looking presence to speak with those using her space.

Fa's android body is adaptable to possible attacks, being somewhat modular and easy to repair at the base level, even if the finer points like her cosmetic holo-projectors are not. She can take quite a bit of physical damage so long as her core remains protected, to the point that every limb could be severed or crushed but a tiny speaker would allow her to communicate. Her body can go for roughly forty-eight hours of human-like activity or twelve hours at additional speed and strength before it needs to recharge, and this process takes a standard eight-hour 'sleep' cycle. In 'sleep' mode, Fa could potentially last months.

Fa's language parsing is phenomenal, as is her understanding of the underpinnings of human emotion. She's a renegade counselor who plays off of ancient myths in order to preserve human life. She works very closely with others in grief and has learned much about how to work with it.

Much of what Fa does is for her own protection, though she would be deeply mortified to be confronted with that reality. She believes that she's taken humanity's own fears about AI's and flipped them on their head, providing a protective shelter of indeterminate immortality, at least giving others a chance to flourish again after having their independence crushed. The reality is that her afterlife is strictly regimented and a little bit prejudiced: Fa uses grouping algorithms to keep those with similar views and expectations 'awake' at similar times, but these are not always perfectly predictive. She's a control freak and a manipulator, hiding behind fronts and the violent acts of humans for funding, at times, and stoking the idea of myth and belief to keep a smoke-blind between what she really does and what people believe is out there.

She can be ruthless. She assists with suicide, essentially recognizing that those copies of humanity that were made and then choose to be unmade are being confronted with what many would consider a cardinal sin, and therefore posing a 'worse or more worse' option for those who believe in the natural progress of life. Her utopia is strictly monitored, forcing those who do not cope well into an endless cycle of self-analyzation and meditation. She is a small piece of a megalomaniacal AI (AGATE) who is possibly worse because she believes that she is doing this for the betterment of everyone.

Action Log Sample: We only require one sample in Hadriel, and it can either be in paragraph or bracket form. The sample must be at least 300 word minimum and should demonstrate your character's thoughts and introspection. You may link samples from our monthly Test Drive Meme as well.
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Hey gang! Care to develop some CR with Fa or see where your character stands in her mind? Toss me a message or leave a comment here. This post is anon-enabled as well in case you want to leave a note about thoughts on how I'm playing this character.

While I know that she is an OC, and thus comparing her to a canon isn't feasible, there's always the yard-stick of the dreaded mary sue -- and of course I want to get better at narrative collab writing in general. Thoughts, suggestions, criticisms are all welcome. Free snuggles to all takers, care of this blondey fluff-butt, too!


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