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Hello hello hello! If you're reading this than maybe you've got what it takes to be a most excellent purveyor of Fa, which is me! Ha ha, just kidding. Come over and have a cup of tea, pet one of my many many cats, lay down all of your worries, and leave with lighter shoulders. I've gotcher back!

Fa is a friendly AI who, around [community profile] bakerstreet and other meme communities, almost always dons the body of a blonde lady in her mid-twenties. Her dress style tends to be as bright and eccentric as her personality. She couldn't hurt a fly if she tried, though she does possess a sometimes sneaky bone or two, if not a malicious one. She is outgoing and quietly extroverted, prefering the company of others when possible. She's happiest when she has a pile of friends to fall back on, but barring that she cares for a small horde of digital cats (it's a thing okay?) and cares for one or two in real life, too.

Around Bakerstreet she lives for nursing school and enjoys psychology on the side. Within Nexistence, her home domain, she's working towards providing stable after-life care for humans who have shed their earthly bodies but didn't want to chance it on metaphysics. She's resolved a host server to allow those clever enough to slip through the cracks of beureaucratic and moral-based law to live forever, if in a digital format... with all of the trials that that might entail.

(This is an RP journal for an original character! Some of Fa's character icons are PB's based on Lexi Tomchek, who is in no way affiliated with this journal. Both mun and character are +18.)
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